Thank you for joining me on my first adventure into the world of blogging! This blog has been designed by me as a pleasure reading tool for new parents to enjoy. The world of parenthood can be quite stressful and scary as we weave our way through these first few years, and seeing as most babies did not arrive with an attached manual, raising them can be a little nerve-wracking, to say the least! If your baby did come with a manual, please do share with the rest of us!

When reading this blog please note that I am not an expert on parenting, child rearing, or anything close there of, and I do not intend for this blog to be used for that purpose. Please do not assume this when reading my posts. I am simply creating a space where us new (or returning!) parents can find a laugh, a giggle, a tear, an “aha” moment, or even just a moment to catch our breath alongside our fearless peers.

Before I leave you, let me offer up a little bit of advice that was given to me. Although today may have it’s struggles, and tomorrow will most definitely bring more, remember that you are the most important thing to that little smile waiting for you on the other side of the crib (or bassinet, or swing, or even right there next to you in bed!), and nothing makes their day better than a moment of your time. Chores, laundry, that phone call, those dishes can all wait a few extra moments (or even a day!) while you give a little extra love to that sweet baby 🙂 I’ve learned that staying in the present moment with the kids helps me to stay grounded with them and allows me to enjoy the little moments that I would have otherwise missed out on. This is also my hope for you!

I want to say a huge thank you for taking the time to read this first post. Please follow my blog and tune in for more!

Here’s to the wonderful world of parenthood!


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