Adolescent and Family Counseling

Can we just say parenting is hard. I know this first hand. Being a mom to a toddler and a step-mom to a 13-year-old (did I mention they’re both girls?) has really opened my eyes to the good, the bad, the ugly and the wonderful of motherhood. Trust me, I’ve seen it all. I get it and I want to help you through these years. Sometimes counseling is with just the kids, sometimes with just the parents, and oftentimes it helps to see them together. But either way, counseling helps build communication skills, understand patterns, relieve feelings of hurt or confusion, and bring parents and children closer together.

I’m sure you have tried everything you know to help your child make changes and maybe you feel frustrated and saddened by the lack of consistent progress. I’ve been there, too! Remember, parenting is hard. Rest assured that it won’t be hard forever and you will get through it. Let me help you and your family make the changes you need in order to help you thrive.

For more information about therapy for your adolescent or family, or to schedule an appointment, fill out the contact box below. All new clients receive a free 15-minute phone consultation. Call or complete the contact box below to start your family in a new direction today!


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