Individual Counseling

Let’s be honest, counseling can be scary. Here’s the secret: IT’S NOT! Let me help you reach your greatest potential and feel better today.

Counseling is about opening up to yourself and finding your inner voice. This can be quite powerful and freeing when done in a safe, comfortable, and collaborative space. Often times having someone to talk through stressors, frustrations, disappointments, and excitements with can bring about lifelong changes that move you towards a more meaningful direction.

Often times people wonder how counseling works. It’s quite fluid, actually, and goes at a pace with which you feel comfortable. I will be here to listen, to encourage, and to push you to meet your goals. Together we will find a schedule that works for you and helps you stay moving in the right direction.

You’re here for a reason. You want to feel better. And I can help.

Call or email today and let’s make this first step in the right direction now.

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