★★★★★ – June 6, 2019

Brings You Back

“Stefanie brings your mind back to reality and helps you dig deep to finding out what the problem is and how you can help yourself. Happy to have found a therapist that makes you feel comfortable speaking about what is bothering you.”

★★★★★ – August 31, 2018

Managing Life Better

“I have been working with Stefanie for approximately 2 years. Stefanie listens with an open heart and gives really great feedback. I come to her with all of my problems big and small, which is how I have realized where my biggest issues lie. Brought understanding my own issues and facing them home, I have been able to manage all of my life better. She is an amazing therapist and deserves more than 5 stars!”

★★★★★ – June 5, 2017

Individual Counseling

“I have been working with Stefanie for a few months now. I was nervous to see someone at first but she made me feel so comfortable. I did not realize my issues were manageable until I started seeing her and have felt so much relief. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to try therapy!”

★★★★★ – April 12, 2017

Feeling Better

“Stefanie helped me so much in the first few weeks, I would recommend her to all my friends! I was struggling with divorce and starting out again on my own, she helped me learn who I am and showed me that I really know the answers to my questions. I was a little nervous to make the first appointment but now I am so happy that I did!”

★★★★★ – Nov 2, 2016

Couples counseling

“Stefanie has made it very easy for us to speak our minds together and separately. We look forward
to our continued meetings with her and the help that she has so greatly offered us.”

★★★★★ – Oct 21, 2016

Very Helpful

“Stefanie makes you feel extremely comfortable. She pushes you to dig into your feelings but in a very safe, comfortable way. I highly recommend her and I appreciate her methods. She has been a huge help to me as I go through some difficult, personal situations.”

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